New Hardwood Installation 

There are two main types of Pre-finished Hardwoods – Solid and Engineered.

Solid hardwoods are what most people are familiar with. Most come in 3/4″ thickness, with widths between 2.25″ and 5″ wide. Advantages of solid 3/4″ floors are that they can be sanded and finished more than once, most 3 to 4 times. Disadvantages to solids include their susceptibility to moisture and seasonal changes which can cause gapping and cracks to appear. This often happens in the winter time when the air is dryer.  Using a humidifier in the wintertime can help mitigate this. Solid hardwoods do not work well over concrete or radiant heat floors.

Engineered Floors are normally made up of a plywood core with a veneer of hardwood on top. Once installed, it is hard to tell an engineered floor apart from a solid. Engineered floors are more versatile than solids. Most can be either nailed down, floated, or glued down. The fact that they have a plywood core makes them much more resistant to expansion and contraction, and they are much less likely to have gaps appear. Most multi-level condos require some type of sound deadening barrier between the hardwood and the subfloor, so using an engineered floor with a sound barrier pad is usually the best choice.

Sanding and Finishing of your Existing Hardwoods

We offer a variety of finish options for you to choose from.  The products that we have found to perform the best and to have fewer harmful chemicals are Commercial Waterbased Finishes. They are Low VOC, less than 180 G/L, and perform as well or better than traditional Swedish Finish. Commercial Water Based Finishes are designed to hold up to heavy traffic areas such as kitchens and hallways. They are easy to maintain and require virtually no maintenance other than normal cleaning.  It is recommended that you perform a "Screen and Recoat" every 5 years. This is a way to apply a new coat of finish over the top of your existing wood. This will help prevent you from ever needing to sand the floors in the future, since you are replacing the worn layer of finish before you walk through to the wood. 

We also offer a Zero VOC natural oil finish.  This type of finish is different in that it does not apply a "film" or surface to the wood, but is more of a penetrating finish that soaks into the grain.  If you like to feel the actual wood underfoot, or if you want the most "natural" finish, then penetrating oil is the way to go.  One downside to an oil finish is that it is recommended to recoat the floors at least once per year. While this is not that difficult to do, it is more maintenance than most people are willing to attend to. For that reason we recommend the commercial waterbase.

This past year we quit offering Swedish Finish as an option.  While Swedish finish is very durable, it contains vast amounts of VOC's, formeldahyde, benzene and other harsh chemicals.  Out of concern for the health of our workers and our customers we thought it best not to continue to offer this.  One customer of ours, who knew the dangers of Swedish but still decided to have it done, had their indoor air tested about 6 months after the application.  Her test results showed elevated levels of Formaldehyde in her home even after 6 months.  Who knows how long it will take to completely off gas.  With some water based finishes being just as durable as Swedish, we no longer see the reason to continue to endanger peoples (and pets) health.  

Keep in mind that if you decide upon a stain, unless you are using a Natural Oil finish, the stain will contain some VOC's since they use Mineral Spirits as the carrying agent.  Ask your Flooring Consultant if you would like more information on the exact type of finish you would like to use.


Cork flooring is a wonderful product. Harvested from the Cork Oak Tree, it is sustainable, functional and beautiful. It is available in either tile or floating plank form. Most of our installations are the floating plank style, with the most common size being 12″ x 36″ planks. Cork works great on both concrete and wood sub-floors. It is naturally sound deadening, and unlike other hard surface floors it remains warm to the touch, even over concrete.


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing segments of new types of hardwood flooring. Technically a grass, bamboo makes for a great floor. Newer Strand Woven Bamboo’s are 2 to 3 times harder than oak. Bamboo is available as a solid and engineered product, so it can be installed over most surfaces.

Tile and Natural Stone

We install tile and stone floors along with custom shower and tub surrounds. Tile requires a level of precision above all floor coverings, and our tile setters do amazing work. We can replace your aging tub or shower surrounds with an updated tile and give you the spa look right at home. For tubs and showers we offer traditional mud pan and cement board or we can use the Wedi Tile System. Wedi board offers superior protection against leaks that is ideal for upstairs showers and tubs or condos.

Carpet – Wool and Synthetics

We carry both traditional Nylon carpet and also Natural Wool products. We also offer quick installation, and can usually have your carpet installed in less than 7 days if the material is in stock, and normally no longer than 14 days if we have to order it.


Linoleum is a great choice for any room. Normally used in bathrooms and kitchens, we are now installing linoleum in all different areas. Linoleum is a renewable product made from natural ingredients. It is naturally anti-static and antimicrobial and is ideal for individuals with allergies and respiratory disorders. It's easy to keep clean and will last for years.

Vinyl and Resilient Flooring

Traditional vinyl is an inexpensive and stylish way to cover your floors. Vinyl works great in wet areas, such as kitchens and baths, and also does well in below grade areas such as basements.


The fastest growing segment of hard surface flooring is Luxury Vinyl Plank and Luxury Vinyl Tiles, or LVP and LVT for short. LVP is quickly replacing laminate floors as the best alternative to traditional hardwoods. Some of the new products look just like wood, but the durability and water resistance is far superior. LVP can be installed in several different ways – direct glue down, floating click, or Static loose lay. Most commercial applications opt for a glue down, while most residential applications are floating click. Check with your salesperson to determine the best option for you.


SkimStone was originally designed to transform a plain concrete floor into a work of art. This decorative finishing system provides an organic, textured look that is extremely durable indoors and out for residential and commercial spaces. SkimStone has evolved into being a concrete veneer coating for countertops and walls. With its Bonding Primer it can stick to tile, laminates and wood. It is a very forgiving product to work with and allows the applicator to mimic the look of marble, tile, concrete, granite and stone.


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