Skimstone Laundry Room Floor (Seattle)

As any homeowner knows, renovations get expensive quick. No one wants to cut corners, but there are ways you can save by working with what you already have. Concrete sub floors are no exception. Our most recent project is a great example of this.

This month we had the great opportunity to work on a big home renovation project. This was our chance to get creative with what we had. So we updated some uneven concrete basement floors in a laundry room and spare den.

Refinishing the Laundry Room with SkimStone

The laundry room was a little rough. Previously, the floor had been covered in a sand colored ceramic tile. When we arrived to the job site, half of the tile had been demoed which exposed an uneven cement floor. Our job was to pull out the remaining tile, and smooth out the concrete sub floor. We did this with a great product called SkimStone.

SkimStone is a waterborne product that meets Built Green, Build-It-Green and LEED specifications. With this product, there’s no need to completely tear out the floors. There’s no need to spend lots of time and energy resurfacing the concrete. SkimStone enables you to work with what you already have. You can create a durable, decorative concrete finish. It looks great and saves time on labor and material costs.

Before Skimstone

The SkimStone Process

First things first. Whatever the construction project, preparation is always key. We took extra time to chip out every bit of tile, and ensure the floors were extra clean. Then we were ready for the SkimStone product. This involved plenty of dirty work on our hands and knees grinding the surface of all tile adhesive. During this stage of a project, its important to clean as you go. This stage often takes two or three passes, but we’ve learned you can’t rush the process. We always ensure the floors are as bare as possible.

The next phase required a good bit of patience. This involved applying multiple layers of the product in two or three stages. First we troweled on the SkimStone and allowed for several hours of drying. Then we repeat the process two more times. After the third application, the material is only about 1/32nd of an inch thick. But boy, does it makes a big difference!

After the 2nd Coat

Once the material had cured, we applied three coats of sealer. This brought out the dark, rich, marble-like finish.

Final Sand

Finished Floor

Re-surfacing Concrete with SkimStone is a Good Option

You may be wondering what to do with ugly uneven concrete sub flooring. But wait before you rent a jackhammer and start scratch. Consider that SkimStone may be a good cost effective solution.

Give us a call, and lets discuss the options.

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