Skimstone inspired by traditional wall ideas

Looking for a beautiful and unique wall covering for your home? Find some inspiration from traditional Japanese homes in the method known as Otsumigaki, a look that can be replicated using Skimstone by your Dallas Watson Flooring technicians.

There are many variations of this method in Japanese homes, Otsumigaki being a very fine and polished example. In this method a mix of earth, lime and paper fibers are sifted and compressed to create a trowel on finish put over bamboo lattice. The finish is smooth and glossy when applied by an expert, and portrays a very rich ambiance. It’s used in entrances, stairwells and bathrooms because of its combination of beauty, abrasion resistance, and easy clean up. All properties that are virtues of Skimstone as well.

Otsumigaki is traditionally made from local clays and gets its pigment from the same. Skimstone is a waterborne product, and has a virtual rainbow of tints available. It meets Built Green and LEED specifications. It has low VOC emissions and is easy on the environment, like Otsumigaki.



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