How to proceed with water damage in your home or business

Water damage is something we get a lot of calls about, especially in the winter and spring. If not dealt with immediately, water damage can be quite costly to repair, and can lead to the growth of toxic mold. Mold and mildew can start growing and become problematic to sensitive people in as little as three days.

Water damage can come from a variety of sources, some preventable, such as dishwasher leaks, sudden refrigerator/freezer thaws, overflowing washing machines, roof leaks, backed up drains, and foundation cracks. Inspect your appliances and home or business regularly and fix the problems you find quickly. Mother nature can be to blame as well in the form of floods, heavy snow, rain storms. If your home or business experiences water damage in any of these forms, take action immediately. Remove the excessive water from the affected area and place a dehumidifier in areas which have sustained a lot of damage. Call a professional water damage repair company to come to you and provide you with a quote and start the repair. Don't let time slip by.

There are three categories used to describe water damage. Category 1 refers to clean water and doesn't pose a threat to humans. This is typically the result of burst water pipes, broken or leaking appliances and overflows. Category 2 refers to grey water.This is water known to be contaminated with microorganisms and could cause illness. Typically this category of damage is from toilets, and sump pumps. Category 3 refers to black water, which contains a more dangerous level of contaminants.

There are also three classes used when describing water damage. Class 1 is the easiest class of damage to repair, and refers to materials which absorb very little water and have a fast rate of evaporation. Class 2 damage is more difficult to repair and involves materials which are more absorbent, such as cushions and carpets. Class 3 is more difficult yet and many times refers to water damage that has come from overhead sources such as sprinklers, soaking walls and furniture. Class 4 is the most serious class of water damage and requires special restoration and water removal equipment and procedures. Damage extends to hardwood, plaster and concrete.

Restoration from water damage in your home or business should be carefully considered. Taking the right steps quickly can save cherished belongings and in severe cases prevent homes from being condemned. The top water damage restoration companies specialize in saving your floors and homes, and use well documented procedures to contain and prevent the spread of unseen damage.


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