Another Successful Skimstone Floor

We're really excited about Skimstone. We recently installed another Skimstone floor in the basement of a client's home, where previously there had been rough old linoleum tile. Here's what our customer had to say about it:

"I am so pleased with my new basement floor. Jeff came to look at the basement floor and suggested Skimstone over the existing linoleum tiles. He was helpful, honest and patient, answering all questions. Then Slava came to first level the floor, then apply the multiple layers of bonding material, Skimstone, and sealant over 4 days. He did a very fine job, also sanding the surface more than once."


"Jeff came to inspect once the job was done and even to make sure the finished job was up to standard. He also came back later to do a minor touch up and to leave me with some sealant that I requested. You would never know that there was once ugly and loose linoleum on the basement floor."


"The final result is a marbleized concrete floor in an oyster color that glows. It pops. Thank you soooo much, Jeff and Slava!"

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