Are you confused about the differences between solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring? Not to be confused with laminate flooring, both sold and engineered hardwood flooring are entirely manufactured from hardwood. Each has pros and cons to consider based upon your intended usage.

Solid hardwood flooring refers to single boards milled from 3/4" hardwood planks. Engineered flooring is made from multiple layers of hardwood stacked on top of each other, generally in a cross-grain pattern, with a finished veneer as the top layer. Hardwood being an organic material may contract, expand, buckle and gap in reaction to changes in humidity and temperature. However, the layered design ...

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Water damage is something we get a lot of calls about, especially in the winter and spring. If not dealt with immediately, water damage can be quite costly to repair, and can lead to the growth of toxic mold. Mold and mildew can start growing and become problematic to sensitive people in as little as three days.

Water damage can come from a variety of sources, some preventable, such as dishwasher leaks, sudden refrigerator/freezer thaws, overflowing washing machines, roof leaks, backed up drains, and foundation cracks. Inspect your appliances and home or business regularly and fix the problems you find quickly. Mother nature can be to blame as well in the form of floods, heavy snow, rain stor...

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Looking for a beautiful and unique wall covering for your home? Find some inspiration from traditional Japanese homes in the method known as Otsumigaki, a look that can be replicated using Skimstone by your Dallas Watson Flooring technicians.

There are many variations of this method in Japanese homes, Otsumigaki being a very fine and polished example. In this method a mix of earth, lime and paper fibers are sifted and compressed to create a trowel on finish put over bamboo lattice. The finish is smooth and glossy when applied by an expert, and portrays a very rich ambiance. It’s used in entrances, stairwells and bathrooms because of its combination of beauty, abrasion resistance, and ea...

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We're really excited about Skimstone. We recently installed another Skimstone floor in the basement of a client's home, where previously there had been rough old linoleum tile. Here's what our customer had to say about it:

"I am so pleased with my new basement floor. Jeff came to look at the basement floor and suggested Skimstone over the existing linoleum tiles. He was helpful, honest and patient, answering all questions. Then Slava came to first level the floor, then apply the multiple layers of bonding material, Skimstone, and sealant over 4 days. He did a very fine job, also sanding the surface more than once."


"Jeff came to inspect once the job was done and even to make sure the finish...

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One of our most recent projects was a staircase in a condo in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. I’d like to talk about this one because it uses Brazilian Cherry hardwood that we custom matched to the existing Brazilian Cherry flooring that was on the main floor. The carpet on the stairs was worn out and the customer also had a dog in the residence, so we wanted to go with something that was hard enough to stand up to his nails. The goal was to take out the carpet on the stairs, and install Pre-finished hardwood stair treads and risers to match the existing flooring.

Features of Brazilian cherry – what is it, how does it differ from other types of wood?

You’ve probably h...

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As any homeowner knows, renovations get expensive quick. No one wants to cut corners, but there are ways you can save by working with what you already have. Concrete sub floors are no exception. Our most recent project is a great example of this.

This month we had the great opportunity to work on a big home renovation project. This was our chance to get creative with what we had. So we updated some uneven concrete basement floors in a laundry room and spare den.

Refinishing the Laundry Room with SkimStone

The laundry room was a little rough. Previously, the floor had been covered in a sand colored ceramic tile. When we arrived to the job site, half of the tile had been demoed which exposed ...

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We installed these custom Pie Shaped Roppe Rubber Stair Treads at a beach house in Kingston. Just a short ferry ride from Edmonds, this custom beach house is spread out over three floors with a Spiral Staircase connecting them. The customer wanted a durable staircase that would be non-slip with people coming in from off the beach, so we decided to go with rubber treads.

Roppe Rubber Stair Treads are designed for commercial use, so they will hold up for years in a residential setting. The stairs we oversized, so we found a Tread/Riser combo that would allow us to install the twenty inch treads in one piece. The customer wanted to leave a border on the sides, so we custom cut the treads to fo...

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We sanded and finished this old worn out cedar deck in Woodinville, the old color was a reddish brown cedar tone. The old finish was worn and peeling. We recessed all of the nails and screws, then sanded and finished the entire deck with a green tone finish from Cabot.

This whole project only took about 2 days, and in the end the deck looked like new. Here are some pictures of the finished product. So if your deck is worn out, and you live in the Seattle area, don’t replace the deck, refinish it. Dallas Watson Flooring can make your old deck look like new, maybe even better than new.

If you live in a Condo in the Seattle area built between 1960 and 1990, chances are you have light weight concrete under you flooring. Originally installed as a sound and fire barrier, over time, as the building settles, the concrete can tend to crack and become un-even. If you have carpet on top, you may not notice. But if you choose to replace you carpet with a hard surface flooring such as Hardwood, Bamboo or Tile, you may need to do some repairs first.

Our normal practice is to fill the cracks and pour a self leveler over the entire surface. This will even out the floor and produce a smooth, level surface.

We recently finished a project in West Seattle where the concrete was so bad, we end...

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We just finished a 20 hour straight installation of the new Zoom Room in North Seattle. Seattle’s first indoor dog park. We installed 1/2″ thick RB rubber flooring over the existing concrete slab. After the rubber flooring was installed, we sealed it with two coats of sealant to make it easier to clean and seal out any accidents!

Thanks to Alex, Dennis, Vadim and Slava for a long day (and night) of work.

The space was featured on Evening Magazine this week.

Zoom Room Evening Magazine

Here is a link to the RB Rubber we installed: RB Rubber


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