Dallas Watson


With over 20 years flooring experience, Dallas leads a sales team of well qualified professionals.  He cares deeply about his customers, his employees, his installers and suppliers.  He has a passion for the environment and moving Dallas Watson Flooring to more of a sustainable, eco-friendly flooring company!   

Marla Williams

Sales and Operations Manager

Marla Williams is a pioneer, intuitive and visionary who has experienced tremendous success as a key leader in helping grow a $12 million-dollar company into a $2.3 billion dollar global company. She is now working closely with the Dallas Watson Flooring team to help them create the strategy, systems and processes that will help take them to the next level in customer service and performance.

Melanie Long

Flooring Consultant

Melanie focuses on our Eastside customers. A few years ago Melanie found herself sitting in our current parking lot while waiting for a friend here in Georgetown. She studied the building and lot and called Dallas and told him she found what could be a good space for the company. It took a couple years, but we took her advice. You should too! She has a great eye and enjoys most those jobs where she gets to exercise that with her customers, helping them design what will be the best choice of colors and textures for them. 

Ami Watson

Flooring Consultant

Ami recently called on a customer armed with a bunch of carpet samples to discover her customer was blind. This customer was an artist, and her home was hung with hundreds of paintings she’d made prior to losing her sight. She had Ami go through each of the carpet samples she’d brought and asked Ami to describe them to her, to describe their colors in ways she’d never been asked to before. Ami was the perfect consultant for this, she’s an excellent communicator and she has an eye for small details. She treats your home like it’s her own, every time.

Laura VanBrunt

Flooring Consultant

Laura has been in flooring and surface consultation for many years. She has a natural sense of design and loves working with people to meet their end design ideas. She works closely with experts including contractors, designers, real estate agents and installers to manage the projects collaboratively and effectively. She take great pride in her relationships with her clients.

Hunter Chavira

Flooring Consultant

Hunter is a traveler and seeker. What he enjoys about his job is doing the right thing, selling the right product, and performing the job in the right way for the customer. Hunter wants to make a connection with his customers, and wants to install something in their home that lasts, and that makes them proud of their home. He’s sought out sacred sites around the world and stood in awe at the effort it took to create places solely for piety and contemplation. He says the Taj Mahal was built as a manifestation of love, and his customers’ homes should be treated no differently.

Christina Miller

Flooring Consultant

Christina Miller is the newest member of our Flooring Consultant team but does not lack for experience.  She has been in the industry for over 5 years.  Christina is all about the customer experience and loves assisting customers in selecting flooring that meets their needs and budget.  She manages her projects closely to ensure all her customers expectations are met or exceeded.  


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